it struck me that love is a sport, so I pushed you a little bit more.

I had my second rehearsal for my new show last Thursday night, which consisted of me and the director – I wasn’t as prepared as I might have (should have!) been, but I always work better when I have a bit of feedback and direction.

I actually do think that’s one of my strengths as an actress (and maybe as a person?), the fact that I take direction well. Sometimes I get a gentle nudge in one direction and end up overdoing it a little bit and have to be pulled back, but for the most part I like to think that I am fairly good at taking the advice and direction as it’s intended. So I intend to be super-prepared for my rehearsal on Tuesday, since I have enough of an idea of what she’s looking for now, so I can expand upon it. My accent isn’t coming along as easily as I’d like, but that’s something I need to develop more of an ear for so I’m grateful for the practice.

PC and I have also started work on a project – a Secret Government Eggo Project, if you will – I was just going to say “actually, that would be an awesome name for a band or album” but googling the quote shows me I was too late getting to that idea – whatever, I’m still going to call this the Secret Government Eggo Project for now – also I am lost inside all of these dashes – – – ??

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