lascerò straziarmi il crine

I am told that the recital went well last night. Since I spent the car ride drive home sobbing uncontrollably you might not want to ask me for my objective opinion.

Organize the tags on actingingenue
Organize the tags & categories on theactingingenue
Organize my music
Call JRP back to make sure they forward me the info about Saturday
Organize audition paperwork: headshots, resume
Make hair appointment?
(Research (other) voice lessons
Order the music I’ve been meaning to)
Research more casting agencies etc.

in contento ed allegria

Today I worked on
Both of my recital pieces! (again!)

Commence freaking out about my recital tomorrow! (Aaaaaahh! Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!)

Oooo, look who just figured out how to do the “read more!” tag! Continue reading