a melody that’s calling your name.

(“Those Magic Changes” is my favorite song in the whole show, can you tell?)

So I’m into my first week of rehearsal at Grease, and…frankly there isn’t a lot to write about yet! It seems like a good group of people and a good cast, and really that’s all you can ask for at the beginning of a rehearsal process.

I do really love our director, though; I know I’ve said it before but she was my main reason for even wanting to do the show. I love that she cares to work with us on our character background, and not really in a touchy-feely way, she trusts us to make our choices. She works with us on movement and vocal modulation and interacting with our fellow cast members and it’s all stuff that I love in a director, because she doesn’t do it in a “first year theatre teacher” sort of way where we have to talk about our feelings and our motivations and how we use our own pain to motivate us. I’m intensely private in an emotional sense, so I do have reasons for making choices but I don’t always want to share why I do certain things the way I do them.

One of my weaknesses as an actor is using my body and gesture effectively and I like that she’s helping me get better at that, too. Sometimes I feel like everything I do physically onstage is “messy,” if that terminology makes any sense. I feel like I have little control over what my body does and everything is very fluid and not always done on purpose. Sometimes that is a conscious thing that I do but other times it’s just sloppiness on my part.

In other news, I haven’t had a voice lesson in a couple of weeks because GG was sick the last time I had a scheduled lesson and I already miss it SO much. It helps having rehearsals to attend (at least I have an outlet to sing!) but I can already feel myself getting vocally lazy and I need to practice more!

Along those same lines, I keep forgetting to buy my keyboard. PC helped me pick one out on Ebay but it’s probably gone by now so I’ll need to go looking again. Boo.

>nobody out-crazies ophelia!

>Rehearsal went well today! P, our original music director, came back to help us with music since M had a concert. We ran through both finales (Ever After for Act I and the Into the Woods reprise one million or so for Act II), and we tightened up the scene where the Narrator and I die. And…that was pretty much it, not much to write home about. I marked the screaming again, since my throat isn’t really feeling any better yet.

A lot of today’s rehearsal was spent finalizing costumes and making last-minute adjustments. The costumes in this show are seriously, seriously amazing. Easily some of the best I’ve ever worked with. KD fixed my wig, it has a big flower and lots of ribbons on it now and it looks less like I just stepped out of the 70s. I’m going to be using my own hair after it gets chopped off, so that reminds me that I have to get my roots done.

That reminds me, I never mentioned my inspirations for Rapunzel! They are as follows.

Act I:

Act II:

…there’s actually not a whole lot of acting involved in this role, to be honest. ;)

And now we’re on to tech week! Sunday is our cue-to-cue and then after that we have full-dress runs! And Friday is showtime! Whee!