dramatis personae

or, “j really loves to use code names and initials for everyone!” or, “j needs to come up with cleverer nicknames, stat!”

j: the acting ingénue, your protagonist for the duration.

Genki Girl: GG for short. My former singing teacher, who is adorable and enthusiastic and at the same time precise and explains things in a clear and relate-able fashion. She is also a working opera singer and I kind of want her life?

Mary Poppins: MP for short. My former singing teacher, who is tiny and British and adorable and sings like Julie Andrews. She is named Mary Poppins for the aforementioned reasons and also because I think she is secretly magical. She helped me get over a portion of my singing anxiety and has been wonderful for my growth as a musician. ♥ for her!

Maestro: (Formerly Prince Charming, PC for short.) He and I were high-school sweethearts and are friends again sort of dating again totally dating again. He is a musical genius and composer and teacher and puts up with me making him learn things so I can sing them. I called him Prince Charming since he has always compared me to Disney Princesses, both jokingly and not-so-jokingly. I do not actually call him this in real life, lest you die from saccharine overload.  (I do, however, actually call him Maestro in real life.)
links! My bandcamp site, which features PC’s talents on piano and arranging and producing!

D: My BFF and platonic soulmate. D is the first letter of her first name. She and I have been BFF for over ten years now, since the beginning of high school. The more imaginative nickname I could have given her was Scarlett O’Hara, but SO usually stands for Significant Other and frankly we’ve had enough people mistake us for a couple already. (D&D refers to D and her husband, whose name also begins with D. This is very original of me, I know!) As mentioned above, she is a Writer and a Blogger and my source of inspiration in a lot of things, including personal growth and just all-around wonderfulness. ♥
links! Investing in Living, D’s new blog project about her goals and accomplishments!

L: One of my closest friends. L is both the first letter of her first name and the first letter of “Ladybug,” my nickname for her. She is my hipster friend and Boston friend who I get to see when I have auditions in the city. She also plays the ukulele (!!) and we are trying to get up the gumption to start a little performing duo, mostly covering terrible pop songs with her on ukulele and me on Disney Princess voice.
links! a tiny little blog!, a blog L and I run together devoted to our various multimedia projects!

B: Another of my closest friends, though she lives in Florida. B is, interestingly, the only person I actually call by their first initial in real life. Despite knowing her for approximately six years, we’ve only met in person three times (going to be four, soon!). In spite of this, we’ve grown closer and closer. B is my opera-singer friend; she has a gorgeous voice and looks just like Anna Netrebko (go figure – some girls get all the luck!).


Regarding people that I’m in shows with, for the most part I will call them by their character’s name simply because I don’t go around disclosing that I’m writing about them on the internet. I try not to get too personal, but for someone that compares herself to others too much, other people tend to come up. (Is that redundant?) (Yes. It is.)

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