vlog: exciting audition times!!

“…like a NERD.”

As before, I’m at both vimeo and youtube, whichever is more your viewing pleasure. :D

So, like I talked about in the video, I had an audition yesterday!

I mentioned that I’d talk a little bit about the feedback I got here because I’m sure not everyone wants to hear me talking about that.  But! – and I will probably get into why I’m doing this a little more in a later blog or vlog post – I do feel like it’s important to acknowledge when something goes well or when praise does come my way.  I tend to be modest to the point of self-deprecating, and I’m trying to break that cycle.

Like I said, the audition went surprisingly well, for something I was so terrified about!  And continued being terrified about even while I was singing!  I sang “In My Own Little Corner” from Cinderella, mainly because of the two I was considering I knew that I could.

The judges sat and chatted with me for quite a bit after my audition, and they really only had lovely things to say.  They said I had a “beautiful, natural” voice, and that it was totally spot-on, that my portrayal was entertaining – I actually made them laugh during the song!  They talked about the fact that they were all very engaged in my portrayal, that I had them “right there,” but that the microphone might have been a hindrance.  (I think that’s maybe the second time ever I’ve sung with a microphone in my hand, so I was super awkward with it.  I could have left it on the stand but everyone else had held the microphone so I did too?)  While they did talk about how my choice of song could have been better, they said that it did absolutely highlight my effervescent personality!

I talked a little (lot?) about this in the video, but the thing I took away from the audition was the comment that “your voice is much bigger than you’re showing us in this song, there’s a lot more to your voice than you’re showing us.”  I feel really good about that.  I hope they’re right.  If I do make it to the next level, I’m deciding between a couple of Impressive Songs that I think I could do justice to.  I hope I have that opportunity!!!

Oh, and I heard back from the director at the Gables – it looks like I’m going to be doing the Christmas show again this year, which I’m really excited about!


Now I need to go dress and bathe myself to record my audition monologue.

I hope very much that the rest of you are having a wonderful week!!  Love and light and happiness to you all! <3

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