breathing’s just a rhythm.

So, four days before a wedding that I am in and about a week before opening night of a show I am really excited about is prrrrrrrrrrobably the worst time to get sick, right?


I have to blame this one on myself, though; between rehearsals, the Secret Government Eggo Project, the minimal help I’ve done with the wedding (sadface!), work and having a new relationship and not sleeping very much (or eating properly, for that matter), I’ve made myself ill. Burning the candle at both ends. I’ve been making up the sleep this week, though, and hopefully I can convince myself to eat something later today.

Note to self: DON’T DO THIS AGAIN.

it struck me that love is a sport, so I pushed you a little bit more.

I had my second rehearsal for my new show last Thursday night, which consisted of me and the director – I wasn’t as prepared as I might have (should have!) been, but I always work better when I have a bit of feedback and direction.

I actually do think that’s one of my strengths as an actress (and maybe as a person?), the fact that I take direction well. Sometimes I get a gentle nudge in one direction and end up overdoing it a little bit and have to be pulled back, but for the most part I like to think that I am fairly good at taking the advice and direction as it’s intended. So I intend to be super-prepared for my rehearsal on Tuesday, since I have enough of an idea of what she’s looking for now, so I can expand upon it. My accent isn’t coming along as easily as I’d like, but that’s something I need to develop more of an ear for so I’m grateful for the practice.

PC and I have also started work on a project – a Secret Government Eggo Project, if you will – I was just going to say “actually, that would be an awesome name for a band or album” but googling the quote shows me I was too late getting to that idea – whatever, I’m still going to call this the Secret Government Eggo Project for now – also I am lost inside all of these dashes – – – ??

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a real actress!

Dear readers, I have wonderfully good news to impart to you today!

Your protagonist for the duration of this blog, one acting ingénue, is now officially a working actress!

Or, as Satine would say:

"a REAL actress!"

a REAL actress!

Hee! :D

This is the audition I mentioned in my last post, obliquely. It is for a museum in Salem, Massachusetts for the duration of the Halloween season. (Thankfully – THANKFULLY – the performances don’t start until after my bff D’s wedding!) I love Salem, I love Halloween, I love Victorian literature – especially Gothic novels!, I love history, and I love, love, love, love, LOVE feeling as though people believe in what I can do!

I got the job before I even left the audition, which is rare (to say the least) – the director pulled me aside on the conceit that she was asking me how far I’d had to drive but as people started to filter out she told me that she definitely wanted to cast me (though she wasn’t sure in which part, yet). :D! I cannot even begin to express how thrilled I am that she wanted to cast me right off the bat – !!

I also talked to her about possibly coming to do the Christmas show, depending on who she has coming back from last year, which would be amazing as well!

Unfortunately, I had to “give notice” for Grease yesterday as well. As sad as it was – and it was sad! the director and the stage manager both went “nooooooo!!” when I told them – they were all very happy for me, and I didn’t burn any bridges. They told me definitely to come back if they’re doing something in the future. I was glad that I went down in person to talk to them about it instead of chickening out and calling (like I wanted to).

Tonight was my very first rehearsal and I couldn’t be more excited!!