what’s that playing on the radio?

Ah, sometimes the Universe works in mysterious ways. I’m pretty sure I have a guardian angel and that (s)he is looking out for me, because things just generally turn out to have worked out for the best for me. In this case, the fact that I didn’t get cast as Sandy is actually a good thing, though I won’t go into why here. :)

Thank you, guardian angel, for managing to make my life exponentially less awkward!

Anyway! Last night was our first rehearsal for Grease, and I am pleased to say that the cast looks awesome. I really adore the director from the last time I worked with her, and that was a major reason why I came out to audition for the show at all (since, again, somehow I’ve managed 14 years in theatre without EVER having to do Grease mostly through not auditioning for it!). It was just a read-through, but the cast is great and it’s going to be a lot of fun.

…this doesn’t mean I’ve given up on looking for other auditions, though, so I might have more news soon! ♥

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