I really flipped over that grey cashmere sweater!

So…callbacks last night went well!

The biggest problem I saw while I was there is that they are sorely lacking in the male department. So…sending that request out into the universe. MALES. THEY NEED YOU.

I got to sing for both Sandy and Marty, but I only read for Marty once and then read for Sandy a bunch of times; I think my Sandy readings and singing went better than my Marty stuff. (It doesn’t help that I forgot that “Freddy, My Love ” is kind of low for me?) I felt really good about my readings in general, but I suppose compared to finding my break halfway through “Freddy, My Love” anything would be better! (Eeek!)

I had the bonus fun of seeing a couple of my Into the Woods castmates at auditions last night, including my “momma” (who was auditioning for Rizzo). I didn’t realize how much I missed them!

So hopefully we’ll hear something by Friday. I’m not sure what they’re planning on doing if they can’t get enough guys, but hopefully we’ll hear one way or the other.

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