but instead, you came to me only in my dreams.

“I’m glad that you had an audition you were proud of,” he said.

“Well, it could have been better,” she hedged. “It could always be better.”

“Typical musician.” He smiled into her hair.

“Typical performer,” she said. The thought of calling herself a musician felt like walking up to Beethoven and poking him in the eye so that he was now mostly deaf and mostly blind (sorry, Beethoven).


Last night I did indeed have an audition that I felt…if not really proud of, at least comfortable with. (Will I ever be proud of an audition or performance? STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT hint: no)

As I mentioned before, the audition was for Grease. Somehow I’ve spent fourteen years doing theatre and managed not to even audition for Grease once. (On the other hand, I have done Into the Woods three times now.) Now that I’m in my mid-twenties, it’s about time? I guess? Whatever, Olivia Newton-John was 29 when she played Sandy.

Speaking of which, this is the first time ever that I’ve written down on my audition sheet only the parts that I really wanted to play and didn’t say I would take a chorus part just because I was afraid they wouldn’t cast me otherwise. Because I don’t know if I actually would take a chorus part! I have other stuff I could be doing! Yay me!

(I’m still trying to psych myself into thinking that was a good idea.)

So the audition itself was extremely laid-back, and I felt at least a little comforted by the fact that the director and the stage manager were familiar faces. The singing was the scariest part; cold-reading is hardly ever an issue for me, and I pretty much own the fact that I’m uncoordinated without a lot of practice so the dance audition was fun too.

(I really should start taking dance lessons again. I used to be far less uncoordinated.)

All in all, I’m really very glad that PC had the patience to sit with me while I freaked out about singing something so different from what I normally sing, and just freaking out in general while I rehearsed my audition piece. He also recorded the track for me and sent it to me so I could have it on a loop on my iPod in the car while I drove back and forth to work, to practice with.

Someday I will write about the fact that he intimidates me which makes it hard to sing for him while he’s looking at me (which he insists upon doing! get a two-way mirror, buddy, geez) but that doesn’t really fit into this post.

Being prepared for an audition is a wonderful feeling. ♥

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