sfogati, ammazzami!

Second singing lesson with GG last night!

Weirdly, I’m not really sure how to start writing, but not because it was a bad lesson. Usually if I feel strange about starting a new post it’s because the lesson (or audition, etc) was bad and I don’t want to deal with it.

Last night was a terribly hot evening (and today a terribly hot and humid day), so GG procured us a space in an air condiditoned building, thank goodness. I was warm enough singing in the air-conditioned space, I can’t imagine what it would have been like otherwise.

It was another really GOOD lesson. I really love leaving a voice lesson feeling as though I learned something about my own voice and about singing properly and about music in general, all of which I felt I had the opportunity to learn last night.

So, not only did GG and I come upon a couple of things that actually worked really well for me, I also demonstrated what I do when I’m not comfortable with the sound of my own voice. Not intentionally, of course, because I don’t know how to control my voice enough to actually demonstrate on purpose, but while I was singing I did it unintentionally. I was singing through the beginning of Batti batti, and…uh, one of the times I sing “batti batti! la tua Zerlina” (I don’t really know how to differentiate, arias are pretty repetitive), on the second “batti” I ended up swallowing the “ti,” like, pulling the whole sound to the back of my throat and singing more quietly. When she asked me “do you really have to decrescendo on that last ‘batti’?” I realized that I had been doing that all along. And obviously that isn’t the only place that I’ve done that; whenever I feel too loud or too nasal or too “bright” I swallow my voice. Which makes it sound waaaaay worse and I strain my throat which makes singing harder.

She also talked to me a lot about the exercises being tools for placement and breath support as well as talking a lot about vocal color, that most younger sopranos have “brighter” voices and that the darker color comes in with a lot of work and just age. She told me that when she was younger she had an extremely bright voice, and that two different adjudicators had called her vocal quality “metallic” – one in a negative light, and the other in a very positive light, in that it could carry across a hall and over an orchestra, that it had a bright ringing quality. She told me not to be afraid of what my voice actually sounds like, to embrace my natural resonance, and that was like light dawning to me for some reason.

Light and bright wins the night. ♥

I have yet more homework to do for her, and I am really excited about getting to work. (Also, note to self: keyboard! voice recorder!)

My next step is to start contacting all the people that the director from the agency gave me with pictures and resumes and whatnot.

Tonight I have another rehearsal with PC; I didn’t write about the last one but it went really well. Thankfully he was patient enough with my neuroses to let me freak out and panic the first couple of times so I could get over it. I’m pretty lucky to have the people in my life that I do, honestly.

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