I’m a little lamb who’s lost in the wood.

Have I ever mentioned how glad I am for the invention of the GPS? Because I am seriously glad. I would never be able to get anywhere without it, since I am Miss No-Sense-of-Direction.

Yesterday I had another meeting at a casting agency, and here are my notes from when I was sitting in the waiting room:

I don’t know if this is reassuring or not, but:
a) there aren’t 100 other people here (just one other guy!)
b) this place is nowhere near as flashy/glam as JRP
c) there are a lot of pictures of a dude in a cowboy hat on the walls.

I got to speak with the director of the agency, who is a woman in her 60s that has been in The Business since she was about my age. I did not, shock and horror, get Signed On The Spot, OMG You Are Perfect And We Love You, but honestly – that made me feel a lot better about the whole thing!

She sat and chatted with me about the fact that she doesn’t see me as needing an agent at this point in time. (Aw.) She did, however, give me a ton of advice and names of people to contact for castings and getting my name/face/resume out there. She gave me at least four names of specific people to contact along with four or five different agencies that handle casting in the Boston area.

She also told me about a girl about my age that had come to her a couple of years ago with the same ambitions as me (I want to quit my job and join the circus run away to Hollywood!) that she’d given the same counsel to: get your name out there, get a bunch of work under your belt, do as much as you can here and when you’ve got your footing go for it. Which is sort of exactly what I wanted to do anyway.

She did say she’d keep my picture and resume on file, just in case something did come up that I’d be good for. She said most of the agencies in the area (including hers) do mainly printwork but that it’s possible something might come up!

I wish I’d written about this yesterday when it was still fresh in my mind because I felt very energized about the whole thing as I left. I didn’t feel like I’d been flattered to death (though she did tell me my “look” never goes out of style, haha) or that she’d been pressing me to sell me something. She gave me all the advice and guidance she did free of charge and offered her assistance if I needed anything else.

Now I have a bunch of contact names I have to touch base with, which makes me feel good: MORE HOMEWORK YAY!

Tonight is my second singing lesson with GG and then after that I’m meeting L for dinner (I think). While I visited L last week we came up with a bunch of great ideas for songs which makes me really happy, too.

Tomorrow I have another practice session with PC as well; maybe I will talk to him about the piano bar thing again while I’m there.

Also, Universal Studios’ auditions are only sent out four days in advance or else I would totally be going to audition for Horror Nights. :(

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