and don’t tell me what to do, don’t tell me what to say.

Normally I would have had a singing lesson yesterday, but I begged off in the interests of sleeping in and going in to work later, since I’d been up too late the night before. Since I went back home and went immediately to bed after work and slept through the night, as well, that was probably for the best.

I did hear from my Shiny New Voice Teacher this week and will be starting with her next Wednesday. I am really, really excited – perhaps more excited than I ought to be, as it’s not though my issues will disappear immediately upon starting with a new teacher. Although that would be nice. Paging Svengali.

(On that note, maybe I ought to go by Trilby as a nickname. :D?)

Well, in any case, my next move is my first singing lesson with my new voice teacher next Wednesday. After that, I do have an appointment with another casting agency (?). And I need to look for something to audition for Grease with; I’m thinking about using an actual pop song from the 50s/60s for that purpose. Right now I’m thinking either “You Don’t Own Me” or

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