maybe I’m on nobody’s side!

Saturday I ventured into Boston to interview with John Robert Powers, which presents itself as an agency and a school.

It is, as I suspected, a bit of a scam. A very expensive scam. Of course, they adored me, and wanted to book an appointment to get me all signed up right away, which at the time I thought was very exciting and flattering (advanced classes, they said! beautiful coloring, they told me!). Once I did a little bit of research I called them back to cancel (since my appointment was supposed to be today).

I am getting better at being savvy and doing my research. A couple of years ago I would have given them my money because they told me I was pretty. A legitimate agency, as far as I can tell, will not hold classes and expect you to pay for them to work with the agency.

Acquiring a set of jade-colored glasses does have its benefits, I suppose. My next adventure is looking into a possible switch of voice instruction and finding a legitimate agent or agency to take me on.

I also heard from K, who directed Into the Woods, and she wants me to come out to audition for Grease, which might be fun! I’m flattered that she thought of me. :D

Oh. And the piano-bar-act that PC and I were thinking about doing probably is not going to happen, for various personal reasons. I wish I could say I’m surprised, but.

2 thoughts on “maybe I’m on nobody’s side!

    • I just feel badly; I can’t imagine what the kids they bring in must think when they tell them how wonderful and adorable and perfect for the business they are. Hopefully their parents do their research, that’s all!

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