there’s a place for us. somewhere, a place for us.

Well, it’s shaping up to be an exciting week here in theactingingenue-Land!

(As an aside, I need to come up with a better code name. I guess I could just go by Ingénue.)

Of course, tonight I have my recital, which is exciting. I haven’t been too nervous about it yet, but frankly I also haven’t been thinking about it very much. Except just now when I thought about it and got nervous again, ugh.

Anyway! I took care of my promise to call back that person who called me about the audition (I wasn’t too clear on the details). Turns out it was another casting agent/agency, and I have an interview-slash-audition in Boston on Saturday! It sounds like it might be a bit of a cattle-call, but. Again, who knows how legitimate any of it is, but they’re forwarding some literature to me as we speak and I am going to be THE MOST PREPARED once I get it (and after tonight’s recital)!

I am excited, actually!! It’s been a while since I’ve had anything to be this excited about. ♥

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