in contento ed allegria

Today I worked on
Both of my recital pieces! (again!)

Commence freaking out about my recital tomorrow! (Aaaaaahh! Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!)

Oooo, look who just figured out how to do the “read more!” tag!

Not a lot to talk about today, we rehearsed in the space we’ll be performing in tomorrow so that was nice. My voice felt/sounded strange to me in the new space. I suppose I got used to it where we’ve been having our lessons.

I guess the one thing I’ll talk about is that MP was just full of constructive criticism today, and I wish she were more like that in my normal lessons. Like I mentioned before, I feel sometimes like she doesn’t remember that I never actually learned how to sing properly (physically, mentally) and just wants me to be able to do it.

I think I tend to take direction well (unless I can’t figure out how to make myself do something physically) so I don’t know why she’s not harsher with me. (Not harsher, I guess. Stricter?) All the teachers and directors I’ve learned the most from in my life have been very strict and no-nonsense. I suppose that’s odd, because I tend to be the type that takes any sort of even vaguely negative comment straight to heart, but it’s different with performing for some reason. I wish there were some way to put this that didn’t sound completely bizarre. “You have to be more harsh with me!” just sounds strange.

One thing that continues to bother me is that she tends to take phone calls, and sometimes make phone calls, during my lessons. I wish I felt I could say something, but I don’t feel I can.

I’ve set (and scented) my hair, I’ve fluffed up my gorgeous recital dress (and also scented it!), now all I need is a decent night’s sleep! (Yes, part of my pre-performance prep includes scenting various things. They’re thematically appropriate, I assure you.) I wish I didn’t have to work tomorrow. I wish all my days were filled with music and recitals.

Oh, and I checked my messages yesterday after about a week of not checking them and someone had called about coming in to audition for…something? I’ll have to listen again and call them back.

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