notte e dì vogliam passar

Yesterday I worked on
Batti, batti
The Willow Song (very briefly)

Sì sì sì sì sì sì…

Batti batti has been going around and around in my head like a carousel for the last week or so; when I read “notte e dì vogliam passar” my brain just continues with “sì sì sì sì sì sì” and then it just keeps going and going…

Anyway! You know, this blog is about 90% writeups of singing lessons. I should call it The Singing Ingenue instead.

Yesterday’s singing lesson went fairly well, though I still apparently have a bit of a mental block with my vocal placement. I went from being able to place everything correctly to not being able to place anything correctly in the space of a few minutes. That is, MP said that Batti batti sounded good but The Willow Song was just…not. We gave up on that after a few minutes.

It’s becoming clearer and clearer to me that I definitely need to find somewhere to practice singing other than driving in my car, or else get over my ridiculous hangups and just sing at home. That, and I don’t know how much longer I will be with MP for various reasons. I don’t know that I feel that I am really learning any technique; I don’t know if it’s that she forgets that I never learned how to sing properly or what but I always feel as though she tries to explain things intellectually or she just tells me to do it without explaining what it should feel like and how I should physically get there. If that makes any sense at all. Maybe not.

Arias to look at for after the recital:
Caro nome; Rigoletto (“even though this is Verdi” – haha)
Elle a fui, la tourterelle!; Les contes d’Hoffmann
Sì, mi chiamano Mimì; La Bohème

2 thoughts on “notte e dì vogliam passar

  1. The incredible challenge of trying to match another person’s intellectual description to the physical sensations that are supposed to come together to create that idea – yes! The frustration of that makes total sense to me. Honestly, when I hear coyotes wailing in the desert, I think the sound must come from some intimate familiarity with just exactly that kind of longing.

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