like a lightning bolt.

Yesterday was my PLEASE DO NOT BEND audition!

The audition was for a place up in New Hampshire for summer stock, which is something I’ve never actually done before. I’d always been working during the summers, or too afraid, or had some other excuse to keep me from even trying to audition (“they wouldn’t cast me anyway, I’m too [insert adjective here]”).

If nothing else, the events of the past year or so have removed a lot of the reasons I kept myself from auditioning, from taking chances. Now the only reason I don’t take chances is cowardice and crippling self-doubt! Which is enough, I suppose.

It was a bunch of firsts all at once: first time renting a car, first time to the place I was auditioning (both the city and the actual theatre), first audition for summer stock. As I mentioned previously, they sent over a set of monologues from the shows they’re doing this summer, and we were asked to prepare two of them with the potential for reading some of the others.

I tried to pick the two most contrasting monologues to prepare in advance – one from a more modern play and the other from the Shakespeare play they’re doing. The first character is significantly younger than me, and the second character more worldly, which was something else to take into consideration.

It was a long drive up for what seemed like a fairly short audition process. (It always seems so much shorter than it actually is, since the time leading up to it goes so slowly, and then immediately speeds up when you get in front of the casting directors!) It’s always worth it, of course! They had me read what I had prepared for them; once I’d done that they gave me a bit of direction on each one and had me read again. They also had me read a different character, which is great – I sort of wished that I’d had the opportunity to read all the monologues they provided, they’re all such fantastic choices and characters!

Hopefully it went as well as I think it did – if nothing else, I think I showed that I take direction well! I should hear back about that by the end of the month, so I will keep everyone posted! In the meantime, I have other monologues I need to start working on! <3

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