I’m puttin’ on my shades to cover up my eyes.

today I worked on
Poor Wand’ring One
(I’m not fond of the weird modern orchestrations or her doo-wop sisters, but she is amazing.)

Today I had my first singing lesson in quite a while!

I missed it an awful lot. I wish I could say I took this opportunity with both hands and did some really great work today but that would be a lie. (Will I ever think I did a good job? Stay tuned to find out!)

I don’t know if it was because I’d been away from it for a bit, or what, but I went right back to my old way of “visually critiquing” myself and pulling notes down in a wobbly fashion. It’s somehow a combination of not thinking about it enough (or not thinking about the right things?) and thinking about it too much. It’s about striking a balance of thinking about the right things but not thinking about them too hard and not thinking about them in an uber-critical way.

And no, I didn’t get called back for that show, though I wasn’t really expecting to. But what it was, was more audition experience, which is never a bad thing. I sang two new pieces and now feel comfortable with them as 16-bar audition pieces. In other news, I heard back from the casting director I sent my headshot and resume to, so hopefully that audition will be scheduled soon! (I don’t think that from here on in I’ll blog about specific auditions just because I’m sure it will get repetitive.)

In other-other news, PC sent me the rough cuts of the version of “Ridin’ Solo” that L and I recorded with him (along with the incredibly hilarous ~*soulful piano version*~ (and no, the asterisks and tildes are not optional) with bonus reggae and Latin versions). Listening to that and also the rough cut of Vienna Teng’s “Antebellum” that he and I worked on just makes me want to get in and do it better, which is a much better attitude to have. (My previous reaction to listening to myself sing on a recording has been somewhere between “shut it off shut it off” and “kill it with fire”.) He’s already said that he’s open to having us come back to record (or just me, for that matter).

L and I have also started to think about recording other pop/r&b songs in different musical styles together, because a) it is fun and b) PC will let us and c) we always wanted to have a band. Sadly I know next-to-nothing about current pop music, so L will have to be the one finding ridiculous songs for us to cover – unless someone out there on the internet has ideas?

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