>16 bars of an uptempo, 16 bars of a ballad.


I had another audition today! I have yet to find out if it went well or not. I mean, I was there and everything, but I haven’t gotten word about callbacks one way or the other yet.

My (least) favorite part of the audition process is that they always want to hear 16 bars of an uptempo and 16 bars of a ballad in the style of [show you are auditioning for] but not from [show you are auditioning for]. I always feel as though I’ll lose points for picking something that isn’t quite in the style that they’re looking for! Like, “you can’t even recognize musical styles! clearly you are not cut out for this!”

I guess part of my problem is that I don’t have a huge repertoire at the moment. That’s part of what I want to work on with MP – having an uptempo song and a ballad for any such occasion. Legit musicals, Sondheim shows, Gilbert & Sullivan, pop-rock musicals… Although, if I may be frank, I don’t have a voice that’s suited to pop-rock musicals. (Which is what I auditioned for today!)

In any case, the audition seemed to go well. I had to psych myself up a little bit as I waited outside and listened to ten thousand girls belting as high as they can. ;) It was just singing the two pieces and then we’ll call you tomorrow if we want you to come back tomorrow, so I guess I will wait and see!

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