>well, not simply.

>today I worked on
Love Makes Such Fools Of Us All
Take Care of This House (this is the only solo version I could find)
I Feel Pretty
Somewhere (no-one really needs links for these, do they?)
I Couldn’t Be Happier/Thank Goodness (this isn’t the whole thing; it’s a weird arrangement in my book)
Glitter and Be Gay

So I worked on LOTS of new stuff today with MP! I’m sort of shopping around for an awesome audition song-slash-something that I might be able to sing at the concert this year. I didn’t realize that the character in Barnum that sings “Love Makes Such Fools Of Us All” is Jenny Lind, ha!

She kept mentioning that songs would make “great encore songs” for me, which, what? Also she said that she can really imagine me singing “Glitter and Be Gay” which makes me :D because I’ve always wanted to sing that song. I…can hit the high E-flat(s) on a good day?

Other than that, had yet another lesson where I couldn’t get out of my own way or out of my own head. Or out of my own way. In my defense (am I really defending myself to myself?) I am not feeling well and my throat is scratchy and I’m afraid of straining my voice when we go into production next week. If I’m going to be honest, and really, what’s the point of this if I’m not, these are all excuses for me babbling and making stupid faces when I hit wrong notes or things feel wonky to me.

MP was very strict about my unconscious naysaying and judging myself today; I really have no excuse for it at this point. It’s not cute and it’s not funny and it’s not endearing, it’s not even proving that “I don’t really sound like that,” it’s just distracting me from doing what I need to do. Because every time I do it, my mentality goes further and further downhill, and eventually I just have absolutely no confidence left and I waffle about. Note to self: STOP THAT.

Rehearsal went really well today! I finished painting my second rosebush and started in on some vines and ferns on the bigger set pieces. (What? That’s important!) I marked all of my screaming (we only did the second act today) because I’m worried about straining my voice too much. I finally hit the right tone with the hysterical laughter before “oh nothing!” and everyone cracked up, including M. :D Now I need to solidify what I’m doing with the final “ah-ah-ah~” at the end.

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