>la tua povera Zerlina

>on the 4th I worked on
V’Adoro Pupille
Batti, Batti O Bel Masetto

Blah, I forgot to write in here this week. I’ve been sleeping most of the week because I feel awful, but I should have written anyway.

I definitely felt rusty getting back to singing lessons after two weeks away. (Frankly, I did not keep on top of it while I was away, so it’s not that surprising.) I relapsed back into the old way of making faces at myself and nervous-fidgeting when I wasn’t doing things properly. Batti, Batti felt okay but V’Adoro Pupille didn’t feel that great in parts. Plus, I didn’t work on ornamentation at all (for V’Adoro Pupille) because it is so incredibly frightening to me.

As for rehearsals, they are going okay. I just need to learn the words to “Our Little World” and I should be fine because I’m really not having that much of an issue with the music. It’s just remembering where the words go, and in what order. And trusting my instincts.

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