>le vostre faville son grate nel sen

>I worked on
V’Adoro Pupille (again!)

And I guess I never wrote about this or thought about it very much! I remember MP really wanted me to start working on ornamentation, which is primarily a confidence and musicality confidence issue. It’s scary, therefore I would rather not. She said it was scary for her, too, but still. :(

Rehearsals have been fine. Not terribly exciting, we’re currently in the “okay now I have to remember all my lines and blocking and music and do it in the right order oh gosh” phase where you’re not quite comfortable with the book out of your hands just yet.

A tiny little personal victory: I sent an email about replacing Cinderella, since our Cinderella had to drop out. I’m still not really speaking to my mother over the fact that she told me “this is only community theatre and you can’t even handle that, you’ll never be able to handle it in real life.” But I did it. And I was told that it was being taken care of but thank you for offering and I bet you would make a great Cinderella. So…there’s that, at least? No-one seems to have been offended by my offering, and things haven’t been awkward since I did…

I’m still not going to tell my mother.

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