>the belle of new orleans tried to show me once how to tango

>Today I worked on
The Doll Song (again)
V’Adoro, Pupille
(I find the countertenor/alto Julius Caesar somewhat hilarious, I have to admit.)

I don’t know if it’s because MP wasn’t feeling well so she wasn’t up to correcting me too much today or what, but I don’t feel like I got a whole lot accomplished today at my lesson? I mean, I sang through the first part of the Doll Song and then the entirety of V’Adoro Pupille a couple of times, but. I don’t know. :|

I guess I could say to myself “maybe you sounded good today? :D?” but I think that would be a lie!

In other news, rehearsal was fun! Not a whole lot of singing for me in the second act, but I got to meet our new music director, M. He is pretty fantastic, and seems to be very strict (my favorite!!) and willing to whip us into shape. Which we need, since we haven’t had any musical direction at all for about three weeks.

My throat is killing me from screaming so much, though. Most of my second-act stuff is screaming.

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