>got a cloud sleeping on my tongue

>today I worked on
Batti, Batti O Bel Masetto
Verdrai Carino

Notes from lesson:
The most important note this week was MP telling me not to go “ugh!” or make noises/faces and distract myself/psych myself out. I do this every time I hit a wrong note or something just sounds icky to my ear (even if I have no idea why).

The idea of a vertical/horizontal/diagonal trajectory of sound; like a laser beam!

Argh why can’t I act while I sing? D:


“I think that most good performers have a lot of feelings and are riddled with angst, you know.”
(I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS.) What’s hilarious is that I would say that I am normally very shiny-bouncy around MP, always smiling and giggling (and making fun of myself). It’s…not surprising, but kind of scary that she can see through to the angsty mess I am underneath all the fluff.

Talked about how in a perfect world I would work for the Paris Opera chorus (I don’t even want to sing leads or anything, guys! I just want to be in your chorus, please), have a little flat in Paris and spend my days drinking chocolat and walking around and singing. Good gracious I want that life; so badly I almost want to cry thinking about it.

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